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Medical Face Masks

Keep yourself and your clients safe from splashes or aerosols with our medical grade procedural face masks. 

Our masks offer 3 levels of protection and are comfortable to wear, breathable, and come with an adjustable nose band. Our masks also meet ASTM F2100 standards and are latex free, with a bacteria filtration efficiency and particle filtration efficiency that is recommended by Health Canada.

Get your box of 50 medical procedural face masks now to ensure health and safety for you and your customers.

Learn more about our brands below and find the right mask for the job from MedSec.


  • Breathable 3 ply fabric

  • Adjustable nose band

  • High filtration efficiency (95%-99%)

  • No risk of allergic reactions from latex proteins

  • Graphene free

  • Easy donning for fast, efficient mask changes in a medical environment

  • ​Quickly identifiable color coded protection levels 

  • Long shelf life;

  • Recyclable packaging: 50/BX, 20 BX/CS, 54 CS/SKD.

Level 1- ASTM Face Masks
box of 50pcs ASTM L1 masks
Level 2- ASTM Face Masks
box of 50pcs ASTM L2 masks
Level 3 - ASTM Face Masks
box of 50pcs ASTM L3 masks
N95 masks
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