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Hair coverings

Are you in need of head protection for your medical practice or food processing facility?  

MedSec disposable protective head gear contain special fabrics created for healthcare, medical and food processing professionals who come into contact with germs. Our products provide a perfect fit, good barrier protection, comfort and breathability while keeping you safe. Our wide range of hair coverings includes flat and pleated bouffant, balaclava hoods and beard covers – all providing safety and peace-of-mind when handling either food for consumption or infectious materials. 


We provide durable PPE made from the highest quality materials that ensures a reliable solution for enhanced infection control without compromising on user ease of movement or work performance. Every product is designed to meet international standards for personal protection equipment in order to carry out professional tasks confidently and securely. 


Browse our selection and join us in protecting against cross contamination today!


  • Breathable fabric

  • Latex free

  • Easy donning for fast, efficient prep

  • ​Long shelf life

  • Recyclable packaging

  • Medical or food grade quality

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