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Lets grow together

Partners in wholesale

MedSec fosters strong wholesale relationships with local retailers and distributors by offering a range of benefits.


By opening an account, purchasers can benefit from trade credits as well as medical grade products for health and safety compliance. In addition, the wholesale agreement provides access to a growing range of in-demand gloves and face masks for different industries such as dental, food processing, painting or automotive fields. Purchasers also benefit from rapid shipping from its distribution center in Boucherville and volume-based discounts catering to the Canadian market.


Overall, wholesale relationships build by negotiating fair prices and margins to provide a win-win situation for MedSec and its customers. As we continue to grow in sales each year, MedSec is committed to providing an excellent return on investment while meeting different standards and specifications needed by the customer - building brand loyalty along the way.

Become a re-seller today! 

Contact us today to discuss how we can turn around a significant profit margin for you.

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