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MedSec - A leading provider of personal protection equipment

About us

MedSec is a manufacturer and wholesaler of medical equipment based in Boucherville, Qc, just outside of Montreal. As one of the fastest growing health and safety suppliers in Canada, we count distributors and resellers in the food industry and healthcare industry as our best clients. Our line of medical exam gloves and medical face masks are manufactured in a GMP certified facility and meet the highest international standards. Our growing range of PPE products also includes disposable gowns, face shields, bouffant caps, shoe covers and more.


MedSec was formed by our president who had a vision of affordable medical supplies for Canadians. The name MedSec is an amalgam of the words Medical and Security. 


Our line of medical exam gloves and medical face masks licensed by Health Canada come latex-free, powder-free, silicone-free, graphene-free and without phthalates because our clients health and safety is our priority. 


We are able to supply disposable medical supplies, dental care products, paper products and sanitation products from leading manufacturers. 


Improve the life of Canadians with the quality, value and cost effectiveness of our health products.


Accessibility. Quality. Client Value Creation.


MedSec has overseas manufacturing facilities in China and Malaysia.


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