Our brand

MedSec's line of medical exam gloves and medical face masks licensed by Health Canada come latex-free, powder-free, silicone-free, graphene-free and without phthalates because our client's health and safety are our priority. Conforming to the strictest international standards, our brand also mirrors our company values: accessibility, quality and value.


Find all sizes in stock from S-XXL. Fast shipping within 48hrs.


Medical grade. AQL freedom from holes 1,5%. Approved by Health Canada. Meets ASTM International standards. 


Competitive prices. The more you buy the more you save. Ask about our volume discounts.


* most economical: V-Touch

* easiest to don and doff: V-Touch

* most touch sensitive gloves: Feel/Feel +

* most flexible gloves: Feel/Feel +Fit/Flex

* most versatile gloves: Fit/Flex

* heavy duty gloves: Ultra-Grip

* best chemical protection: Shield (hand, wrist and forearm)

* most tear resistant: Fit/Flex, Ultra-Grip, Shield


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