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Level 2- ASTM Face Masks

They are designed for those who have a medium risk of being exposed to splatter or airborne pathogens.

Material: hypoallergenic non-woven material with a blown polypropylene membrane (3-ply). Aluminum nose clip.
Graphene: No
Size: OSFA
Color: Blue, Black or White
Standard: ASTM F2100 Level 2:
Bacteria filtration efficiency ≥98%
Particle filtration efficiency ≥ 98%
Differential pressure mm H2O / cm2 <6.0
Flammability rating: Class 1
Resistance to synthetic blood penetration: 120 mmHg.
Applications: dental treatments and surgeries, laboratory analysis, dressing changes, emergency room work, etc.
MDEL # 15856

Item # (Color)
Mask weight (g)
Case weight (lbs)
Case dimensions (inches)
Country of origin
M7355 (blue), M6810 (black), M8088 (white)
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