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Syn-Touch (4 mil synthetic)

Blue gloves with a smooth finish. Stronger and more fitted than regular vinyl gloves while remaining more affordable than nitrile.

Material: Hybrid of nitrile and vinyl
Latex: No
Powdered: No
Coated: Chlorinated (silicone-free)
Phthalates: No (DOP/DEHP-free)
Thickness: 4 mil
Cuff length: 9.5 inches
Sterile: No
Standard: ASTM D5250.
AQL: 1.5 %
MDL# 106080
Applications: Medical / Laboratory / Home care / Clean Room / Janitorial / Food Service / Food Processing / Cosmetics / Pet care / Painting.

Item # (SIZE)
Glove weight (g)
Case weight (lbs)
Case dimensions (inches)
Country of origin
3102S, 3103M, 3104L, 3105XL
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