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MedSec Donates Rapid Test Kits to Canadian Charity to Support International Health Relief Efforts.

January 31, 2023 | Boucherville, QC MedSec is taking a giant leap towards making safety more accessible by donating rapid test kits to Health Partners International of Canada (HPIC). HPIC, whose mission is to provide medical assistance and relief supplies to people in need, received the generous shipment last week. The donation consists of 14,125 rapid tests which will help HPIC carry out their mission safely.

MedSec's commitment to providing valuable medical equipment and resources mirrors HPIC’s own goal of delivering high quality medical supplies and essential medicine to those in need. This donation comes at an important time as HPIC is currently mobilizing medical relief during emergencies, equipping medical mission teams for ongoing work in international development, stocking clinics and hospitals in impoverished communities and strengthening local health systems around the world with limited resources. They are present in over 25 countries including Ukraine.

Since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, MedSec has been proactively working towards solutions to protect Canadian communities. The rapid test kits donated by MedSec are a major step forward in making safety more accessible and will help HPIC provide medical assistance without fear of potential infection. Rapid test kits give all those involved an opportunity for peace-of-mind by monitoring when self-isolation or masking is necessary. A spokesperson for the organization expressed their gratitude for acquiring these incredibly valuable items.

MedSec is delighted to partner with such a commendable charity, and pledge to continue collaborating with HPIC in order to bolster the health and security of families living within disadvantaged communities worldwide.

#MedSecare is humbled to be a part of the incredible #HealthandHope movement spearheaded by HPIC.

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